Unfälle mit Feuerwerk / Libanon

Libanon (Libanesische Republik) / Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)





Adma (north of Beirut). Three people were wounded in a fire caused by fireworks at an indoor wedding party in Regency Palace Hotel. While the bride escaped unscathed, the groom was seen with burns to his face and hands. The fireworks went off at the wrong time, setting the curtains on fire.

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Town of Shouifat. A huge fire caused substantial damage to the wooded area of the town. The fire was reportedly caused by fireworks and has approached the residential area of the town. The Lebanese army has reportedly joined the civil defense to try to extinguish the fire.

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Beirut. A dozen or more people were wounded in the melee when gunfire erupted as demonstrators were throwing rocks and fireworks at a phalanx of troops. 27.1.2008


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Eastern Bekaa Valley. An explosion in a pick-up truck killed a Lebanese man and four Syrians. The vehicle, which had been carrying smuggled fireworks from Syria, blew up between the towns of Nabi Sheet and Yahfoufh near Leanon's eastern border with Syria. The truck carrying the fireworks had exploded while two pickup trucks were exchanging smuggled goods. 11.9.2008


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Beirut, Ashrafiyeh district. A van loaded with firecrackers burst in flames, causing panic among residents. An electric short caused a fire in the van, this spread quickly through and boxes full of fireworks were set off. 26.4.2007

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Sidon. An explosion at around 2pm spreading panic among residents but causing no casualties. Initial investigations indicated that the blast was caused by heavy-duty fireworks thrown near a car parked in Nijmeh Square. 31.10.2007

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