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Zamboanga City. The city's disaster management committee accounted for at least 33 people who were injured in a series of explosions that rocked a warehouse full of firecrackers in the afternoon.

Fire investigators said the explosions originated from the container vans – believed to have stocked firecrackers and pyrotechnics - stored in the Pacific Trading compound in the interior of Barangay Camino Nuevo along Veterans Avenue.

The injured were either hit directly by falling glass debris of nearby buildings during the almost three-hour fire with an interval of six series of powerful explosions that jolted the city. Police and civilians described the explosions as very powerful that shockwaves were felt within a kilometre radius and caused tremors.

The estimated damage alone within the compound of the blasted site have reached P35 million. The estimated damage did not include other structures and buildings, including hospitals, around the blasted site.

Apart from the buildings, more than 10 houses of settlers beside the compound were also razed by the fire.

Department of Interior and Local Government city director Mohammad Arakama said they are looking at possible lapses "why there was a big storage of such pyrotechnic devices and so near the hospital". 28.1.2011


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"Charges filed vs fireworks manufacturers in Zamboanga", 17.2.2011, http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=658310&publicationSubCategoryId=200: The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group pressed charges against the two owners of Pacific Fireworks and Pacific Hardware Enterprises in Zamboanga City whose stockyard exploded January 28, 2011, hurting more than 30 persons and razing more than 60,000 pounds of raw materials and 15 shanties nearby. Authorities found the disregard of the owners in establishing a firework manufacturing facility in a heavily populated area. It is also noted the owner's negligence in storing firecracker materials in a sub-standard facility, citing that the warehouse must be constructed from strong materials with proper ventilations.



Sta. Maria, Bulacan. At least half a million pesos worth of property was destroyed in a fire that razed a fireworks wrapper shop, a grocery store and a house in Barangay Pulong Buhangin. The blaze started at the wrapper's shop and spread to the adjacent grocery store and a house. 8.2.2011

Source: "Fire hits fireworks shop", 10.2.2011, http://www.journal.com.ph/index.php/provincial/28021-fire-hits-fireworks-shop-.html





Baguio City. A 29-year-old man lighted a jumbo kwiton bomb, an illegal firecracker. When the firecracker exploded, he was hit on the right temple. He was dead on arrival at the hospital. 1.1.2010

Source: "DOH eyes total firecracker ban", 4.1.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100104-245472/DOH-eyes-total-firecracker-ban



Talaingod, Davao del Norte. At least P3 million worth of properties were lost when a fire traced to firecrackers razed three homes. The blaze occurred at 12.15a.m. in Purok 1-B, Barangay (village) Sto. Niño. Apparently, sparks from firecrackers set off to celebrate the New Year catapulted to a house, triggering the blaze. The fire quickly spread to and gutted two other residences. 1.1.2010

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Bacolod City. Three women sustained minor injuries when they were hit by fireworks during the arrival of the Papal Nuncio to the Philippines for the blessing of the Pope John Paul II Tower at the Reclamation Area. 18.2.2010

Source: "Fireworks injure 3 in crowd", 19.2.2010, http://www.visayandailystar.com/2010/February/19/topstory4.htm



Manila-Sampaloc. Three churchgoers (57, 27, 30) were injured when a firecracker accidentally went off in front of a church during the traditional Easter Sunday "saubong" shortly after midnight. 4.4.2010

Source: "3 churchgoers injured in firecracker blast", 5.4.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/metro/view/20100405-262416/3-churchgoers-injured-in-firecracker-blast



Iloilo City/Philippines. Four family members were killed after their house at Brgy. Mohon, Arevalo, Iloilo City, that sheltered firecrackers and its components and is believed to be used in manufacturing firecrackers, exploded and burned down. Josefina Gallena (82), and her grandchildren Ruther (15) and Rodessa (19) were instantly killed while her son, Rodrigo (49), died while under treatment at Western Visayas Medical Center. Nine others were injured. Two houses were totally destroyed, one other partially damaged and several houses also incurred minor damages. The explosion was heard a kilometre away from the house. 23.5.2010


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Barangay Asinan, Subic, Zambales. At least 56 people, most of them students, were injured after fireworks at a school cheering competition in Zambales province went awry around 7 p.m. Fireworks used as props, misfired. The report said the seriously injured included choreographer Ferdinand Thelmo (36) whose hand allegedly had to be amputated. While most of the injured were allowed to go home, at least three students aged 17 to 18 remained confined at the hospital. 15.9.2010

Source: "56 hurt in fireworks disaster in Subic", 16.9.2010, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/201150/56-hurt-in-fireworks-disaster-at-subic-cheering-competition



Barangay Mojon. A stockpile of fireworks loaded on an Elf truck exploded during a campaign motorcade, injuring six occupants of the vehicle. Five of the Apostol's campaign supporters sustained burns, bruises and lacerations on their legs and face; the sixth victim reportedly suffered severe injuries as she was the one nearest to the stockpile of 'kwitis' that exploded. – Investigation showed that the motorcade of Apostol's team was already moving when a group of teenagers started lightning fireworks, prompting some participants of the motorcade to stop them as it create too much smoke. The group stopped but an unidentified man approached the vehicle and lighted one of the fireworks, which failed to launch and, instead, dove into the stockpile and caused the explosion. 17.10.2010

Source: "Fireworks explosion wounds 6", 18.10.2010, http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/282906/fireworks-explosion-wounds-6



Angat town, Bulacan province. One person was killed and nine others injured in an explosion at a fireworks warehouse. The injured were all living near the firecracker warehouse. The fatality, Linda Reyes (54), who lives beside the factory, died after a wall collapsed on her. The warehouse was allegedly being used to manufacture firecrackers.

The victims were making firecrackers when a pile of pyrotechnic materials exploded at around 6.20 p.m. The police provincial director said the blast was believed to have been triggered by the cutting of fuse that caused a spark and ignited a stockpile of firecrackers stored inside a warehouse where firecrackers were being illegally manufactured. The blast destroyed the fireworks factory and damaged nearby houses. - Charges ranging from reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and multiple physical injuries and violation of the firecracker law of 1992 would be filed against the couple who owned the makeshift factory. 15.11.2010


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Baliuag, Bulacan. An explosion destroyed a makeshift fireworks factory in Barangay Sto. Niño, around 10 a.m. 3 workers were working on some mixed chemicals for kwitis when the explosion happened; they survived the explosion and escaped unhurt. 17.11.2010

Source: "'Kwitis' factory in Bulacan explodes", 17.11.2010, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/11/17/10/kwitis-factory-bulacan-explodes



In December 21 to 27 (2010) alone, over 173 cases of firecracker-related injuries have been reported to the Department of Health, over half of which are children. The main culprits are the small but terrible 'piccolo', 'kwitis', whistle bomb, triangles, five-star, and the makeshift PVC canon called 'boga'. Some of the victims are just innocent bystanders. There are also 5 reported cases of firecracker ingestion, one of which lead to death.

Source: "DOH: Stay away from firecrackers", 28.12.2010, http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/7736541-doh-stay-away-from-firecrackers



The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has asked Filipinos to eradicate or minimize the use of firecrackers in celebrating the New Year's Eve this year. "If the environment sector had its was, Filipinos should set an example to the world by celebrating New Year's Eve without firecrackers," DENR Secretary Ramon Paje.

Soure: "'Refrain from using firecrackers'", 29.12.2010, http://www.thenewstoday.info/2010/12/29/refrain.from.using.firecrackers.html



Sto. Niño village, Baliwag, Bulacan. Fire struck an illegal firecrackers factory. A worker sustained burns. 29.12.2010

Source: "Fire hits illegal firecrackers factory in Bulacan", 30.12.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20101230-311721/Fire-hits-illegal-firecrackers-factory-in-Bulacan





The Philippines marks what is arguably the longest Yuletide in the world, from December 16 to January 6, but the government usually gives out statistics on deaths and injuries from firecracker use until January 5.

A total of 335 injuries of firecracker-related injuries and two of accidental swallowing of watusi, a firecracker popular among children from December 21, 2008 to early morning of January 1, 2009, was reported January 1, 2009 by the Department of Health during a press conference in Quezon City. 18 victims lost either their entire left or entire right hand. Those who were injured, were urged to make sure that they have anti-tetanus shots.

Source: "2 dead, hundreds injured during New Year revelry", 2.1.2009, http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2009/jan/02/yehey/top_stories/20090102top2.html



Cupang village in Antipolo City. A boy (15) loses four fingers after a "Super Lolo" he lighted up exploded in his hand. 1.1.2009

Source: "15-year-old loses 4 fingers to Super Lolo", 2.1.2009, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/142183/15-year-old-loses-4-fingers-to-Super-Lolo



Manila. A metal panel of the Light Rail Transit station in downtown Manila was dislodged and crashed on the street after being jarred by a powerful firecracker explosion. 1.1.2009

Source: "Firecracker blast causes LRT station panel to fall off", 1.1.2009, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/142025/Firecracker-blast-causes-LRT-station-panel-to-fall-off



Navotas in Metro Manila. Pastor Arpon (73) succumbed to asthma attack caused by thick smoke from lighted firecrackers and fireworks. He died at a lying-in clinic in Navotas. 1.1.2009

Source: "2 dead, hundreds injured during New Year revelry", 2.1.2009, http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2009/jan/02/yehey/top_stories/20090102top2.html



San Ildefonso town in Bulacan province. A nine-year-old boy, Ar-Jay Laurente, was rummaging on a pile of trash inside an abandoned makeshift fireworks factory when a powerful firecracker exploded on him, killing him instantly. 2.1.2009


"2 killed in Bocaue fireworks factory blast", 3.1.2009, http://www.pna.gov.ph/index.php?idn=&nid=2&rid=178718 

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Sitio Balubaran, Barangay Duhat. Ogie Asero and Pedrito Torcino, two stay-in workers, were scorched to death while another was injured seriously when the "E and B Fireworks" factory exploded around 10.30 pm. The three workers were making "bombshells" when an accidental spark triggered the blast. The factory was totally razed. 2.1.2009


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Based on the DOH's "surveillance update", a total of 613 firecracker-related injuries have been recorded by 50 hospitals nationwide as of 8 a.m. January 3, 2009.

Source: "DOH report: Firecracker victims reach 600", 3.1.2009, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/01/03/09/doh-report-firecracker-victims-reach-600



Barangay Poblacion. An abandoned house inside the old public market, which was used before New Year as warehouse for unsold firecrackers, was burned partially. The fire marshal of Sta. Maria town said a series of explosions of suspected high-grade firecrackers preceded the blaze. In a follow-up investigation, firemen found a burned sack said to be containing a stock of high-grade firecrackers known as 'pla-pla'. The fire marshal of Sta. Maria town suspected that the explosion of the firecrackers might have been triggered by a lighted cigarette butt accidentally thrown over the stock of firecrackers. 7.1.2009

Source: "Firecracker warehouse partially gutted in Ilocos Sur fire", 8.1.2009, http://www.pna.gov.ph/index.php?idn=&nid=2&rid=179648



Mactan Island, Cebu Province. A boat full of Sto. Niño devotees sank along Mactan channel. All the passangers were rescued by the Philippine Coast Guard. The boat was following 87 other boats, when it was hit by a firecracker. Water flowed through the hole created by the firecracker's blast. 17.1.2009

Source: "Firecracker nearly spoils Sto. Niño feast in Cebu", 17.1.2009, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/01/17/09/firecracker-nearly-spoils-sto-niño-feast-cebu



Trece Martires City, Cavite province, January 29, 2009 (Thursday):

Eight people were killed and 74 others injured in the powerful explosion that ripped a fireworks factory. There were many body parts scattered meters away from the blast site.

The death toll may rise as retrieval teams continue to search the "razed to the ground" Star Maker fireworks factory in Barangay Conchu. Most of the victims were workers of the factory.

The fire sparked by the explosion spread to a nearby building of the Yoshita Electronics. Shockwaves shattered windows and toppled concrete fences of nearby homes, knocking out electricity and raining down unexploded fireworks in the area. The explosion was felt several kilometres away.

Trece Martires is the capital city of Cavite and hosts an industrial zone where Star Maker was a locator. The factory, however, was adjacent to a residential area, where several houses and establishments were damaged by the blast.

Residents said the factory had a bunker where fireworks were being produced. It was apparently there where the explosion took place at around 10.45 a.m., leaving a crater that easily could contain a bus. The events showed there was a giant explosion, followed by several explosions. In the evening, there were still "isolated" explosions, most likely from firecrackers stored inside the compound. The fire was declared to be out at around 2.33 p.m. The factory was levelled to the ground.

Most of the victims could not be identified because their bodies have been dismembered and charred  beyond recognition.

January 30, there were still eight persons missing and January 31 there were four persons still missing. 

Investigators are verifying reports that one of the workers – or a buyer - tested one of the firecrackers inside the compound, a violation of a prohibition against testing of fireworks there. Initial reports said a wayward firecracker hit a stack of pyrotechnics that triggered the explosion.

The explosion may have started from a metal container van inside the establishment's production area. This was according to Nenita Guyo, one of the survivors in the blast.

The owner of the fireworks factory is facing criminal and civil charges, a police official said on January 30.

The chemical storage area at the Starmaker factory was only 5 to 7 meters away from the storage area for the finished products (under the law: at least 50 meters…), that was the finding of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in its preliminary investigation, according to a GMA "Flash Report" aired on January 30. The law also provides that a fireworks factory should be at least 300 meters away from residential areas, but the Starmaker factory was only a few meters away from houses.


Police said the explosion's collateral damage alone was estimated at P3 million.

Star Maker said it lost about a P100 million, which covers fireworks materials, buildings, and equipment that were obliterated in the blast.

The National Disaster Coordinating Council, Republic of the Philippines wrote in their "Progress Report: Fire incident resulting to explosion in Trece Martires City" from January 31, 2009, that the estimated cost of damages to properties was pegged at Php 10,493,000. They also wrote that there were 135 damaged houses in Brgy. Hugo Perez, Brgy. Conche and Brgy. Osorio. NDCC also identified the initial six fatalities as Diomedes Inano, Clodelio Iso, Christian Panganiban, Marlou Rodrin, Gerardo Amparo and Angelo Francisco. One of the injured, Arnold Pamplona, succumbed to his injuries last weekend, 31.1./1.2.2009.

NDCC listed as 'still missing' Onor Lugami, Belen Rodriguez, Susan Decillo and Erickson Layno. The number of the injured, NDCC mentioned in its report, is 61.


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Trece Martires City. Bei einer Explosion in der Feuerwerksfabrik "Star Maker" starben mindestens 8 Menschen und über 70 wurden verletzt. Die meisten Opfer waren Fabrikarbeiter.

Die Explosion löste einen Brand aus. Selbst in mehreren Kilometer Entfernung sollen noch Fensterscheiben zu Bruch gegangen sein. Die Detonation unweit eines Wohngebietes hinterliess einen Krater von der Grösse eines Busses. Ein benachbartes Fabrikgebäude fing Feuer. 29.1.2009


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Sta. Maria in Bulacan. A woman suffered minor burns on her face when her house in Barangay Pulang Buhangin, which had firecrackers stored in it, exploded. Damage: About P1 million. 15.3.2009

Source: "House with firecracker storage explodes, hurting woman", 15.3.2009, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/152824/House-with-firecracker-storage-explodes-hurting-woman



City of San Fernando, Pampanga. The fireworks display for the opening of a basketball tournament turned into mayhem when balls of exploding pyrotechnic products fell on two vehicles loaded with other fireworks, triggering explosions that also burned the rooftop of a government building. At least 20 people were hurt in the stampede that followed. 27.3.2009


"20 hurt as fireworks go awry in Pampanga", 28.3.2009, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20090328-196718/20-hurt-as-fireworks-go-awry-in-Pampanga 

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Bacolod City. A powerful explosion tore down a house believed to be used as a makeshift firecracker factory, killing Henry Huertas (58), the owner of the house. The explosion also triggered a fire that burned the house situated in 27th Calamba Streets, Purok Tuna, Barangay 1 and partially damaged another house in the compound. The makeshift factory was located in a residential area. The initial estimate of the damage from the fire was placed at P50,000. – Initial police investigation showed that about a half-kilo pyrotechnic powder caused the powerful explosion. 18.8.2009


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Partida village, Norzagaray town in Bulacan province. Fire believed to be caused by an electrical spark razed a fireworks factory. No one was reported injured in the fire, which reached the factory's storage room. 28.10.2009

Source: "Fire razes Bulacan firecracker factory – report", 28.10.2009, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/175823/fire-razes-bulacan-firecracker-factory-report



Village of Turo, Bocaue, Bulacan. Two stalls selling firecrackers and two videoke bars burned. Electrical sparks in one of the stalls reached a pile of fireworks and started the explosion. 13.11.2009

Source: "Fire hits 2 fireworks stalls in Bulacan", 13.11.2009, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20091113-236019/Fire-hits-2-fireworks-stalls-in-Bulacan



A three-year-old boy was killed while two sustained serious burns and about seven others sustained minor burns when a cracker unit run in a house of residential area of Mirdaha locality under Madiyahu police staion in Jaunpur district caught fire. It was stated petrol leaked from a motorcycle parked in the room in which crackers were stocked. The petrol somehow caught fire and soon engulfed the crackers. 16.11.2009

Source: "Child sustains burns in mishap", 16.11.2009, http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/varanasi/Child-sustains-burns-in-mishap/articleshow/5237359.cms



Philippines. The Department of Health pushed for the declaration of a total firecracker ban in all residential areas nationwide to further reduce firecracker-related injuries in the coming holiday season.

Source: "DOH bats for total firecracker ban", 17.11.2009, http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=524167&publicationSubCategoryId=63



Pasong Buwaya in Barangay San Miguel, Maragondon, Cavite. Salvador Olipan and his six-year-old grandson Saul Arbias III died while two women and three children were wounded pastmidnight when a one-and-a-half-long allegedly triggered by pyrotechnics explosion razed two residential houses inside a compound.

Maragondon fire marshal and a fire investigator said that a businesswoman, who was allegedly selling firecrackers and the pyrotechnics without business permit, was liable for the explosion and fire. She left the exploding materials unattended in her house. 20.12.2009


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Iloilo City. A six-year-old boy mishandled a lighted roman candle at home where he was treated at the Western Visayas Medical Center. 22.12.2009

Source: "Two tots become first firecracker victims", 24.12.2009, http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideMetro.htm?f=2009/december/24/metro2.isx&d=/2009/december/24



Quezon City. A one-year-old boy was watching a roman candle when he was hit in the face. He was taken to East Avenue Medical Center. 22.12.2009

Source: "Two tots become first firecracker victims", 24.12.2 http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/insideMetro.htm?f=2009/december/24/metro2.isx&d=/2009/december/24



Sentro village in Mandaue City in Cebu province. At 10.36p.m., two children (7, 8) and a pregnant woman were killed when a blaze razed 46 stalls selling fireworks. Initial investigation showed the fire started when a buyer was testing a firecracker at one of the shops and a lighted "kwitis" being tested flew toward the other stalls. The fire also razed a multi-cab and some motorcycles and bicycles parked near the area. 24.12.2009


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General Santos City. A man and a woman were killed on the spot while another victim later expired at a local hospital, an eight-year-old boy suffered minor injuries and 42-year-old man sustained serious head injuries when a wayward firework caught fire and triggered a powerful explosion in a row of firecracker and pyrotechnics stalls several minutes after midnight. – An initial investigation showed that the incident was reportedly caused by a fountain firework that was lighted by a still unidentified man near a firecracker and pyrotechnic stall. The flames immediately spread to other stalls and caused the displayed firecrackers and pyrotechnics materials to explode. 25.12.2009


"Philippines fireworks blazes kill six", 25.12.2009, http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-world/philippines-fireworks-blazes-kill-six-20091225-lez5.html

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Cabanatuan City. A seven-year-old boy was hit by a kwitis, a legal firecracker, at his upper eye lid on December 31, 2009. He suffered a concussion and was rushed to the hospital where he died the next day on January 1, 2010. The boy was just a bystander.

Source: "DOH eyes total firecracker ban", 4.1.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100104-245472/DOH-eyes-total-firecracker-ban



Gapan City. A house was gutted by fire. - The owner was selling bottles of gasoline in front of his house when a firecracker exploded nearby and triggered the fire. 31.12.2009

Source: "2 dead in 'cracker stall fire in Nueva Ecija city", 1.1.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20100101-245010/2-dead-in-cracker-stall-fire-in-Nueva-Ecija-city



Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental. A 5-year-old boy and his mother were killed after being trapped inside the family-owned pyrotechnics store that went up in flames before midnight. The inferno started when the boy's father and uncle tested a firecracker inside the store, setting off a chain reaction. The boy was sleeping inside the store and his mother rushed into the flames in a failed try to save him. Damage to the store: about P400,000. 31.12.2009


"New Year celebrations leave 5 dead, nearly 600 hurt", 1.1.2010, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/01/01/10/new-year-celebrations-leave-5-dead-nearly-600-hurt

"Mother, son die in fireworks factory fire", 1.1.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20100101-244985/Mother-son-die-in-fireworks-factory-fire



Manila. Two men, apparently drunk, were using dangerous firecrackers inside the restaurant of the Day Dream Lodge around 7:00a.m. James Tan (37), who was disturbed by the noise, asked them to stop. The men who were setting off the firecrackers complied with his request, but when Tan left the restaurant, the two followed him. Several minutes after, a waitress found Tan lying on the floor with a stab wound in the chest. 31.12.2009

Source: "Man stabbed dead over firecrackers in restaurant", 31.12.2009, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/metro/view/20091231-244865/Man-stabbed-dead-over-firecrackers-in-restaurant



Muñoz City in Nueva Ecija province. An estimated 25 stalls, which were selling firecrackers and pyrotechnic products, exploded in flames and were razed to the ground in the afternoon. A vendor was killed in the blaze while 9 were injured. One report said that a lighted cigarette was thrown near the stalls which might have ignited the firecrackers while another said a kid lit a firecracker near the stalls. Five motorcycles, a tricycle, a van and a jeepney were also burned. 31.12.2009


"(Update) Firecracker stalls in 2 Luzon areas hit by explosions, fire", 31.12.2009, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/12/31/09/firecracker-stalls-2-luzon-areas-hit-explosions-fire "2 dead in 'cracker stall fire in Nueva Ecija city", 1.1.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20100101-245010/2-dead-in-cracker-stall-fire-in-Nueva-Ecija-city



San Manuel town in Pangasinan province. A fire razed a row of stalls selling firecrackers and pyrotechnic products in the afternoon. An investigator of the San Manuel police said, a whistle bomb ignited by ash from a cigarette held by a customer triggered the fire. 31.12.2009


 "(Update) Firecracker stalls in 2 Luzon areas hit by explosions, fire", 31.12.2009, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/12/31/09/firecracker-stalls-2-luzon-areas-hit-explosions-fire

"2 dead in 'cracker stall fire in Nueva Ecija city", 1.1.2010, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20100101-245010/2-dead-in-cracker-stall-fire-in-Nueva-Ecija-city





Virac. A man (36) from Moonwalk road had a blast injury from a rocket-propelled fireworks. 1.1.2008

Source: "Only 3 hurt by 'crackers in Yuletide season here", 9.1.2008, http://www.catanduanestribune.com/Jan-09-2008/TopStory/Detail.aspx?newsID=3643



Bacolod City. A series of firecracker explosions that damaged three vehicles is being investigated by the police. 15.1.2008

Source: "Cracker explosions damage cars in city", 16.1.2008, http://www.visayandailystar.com/2008/January/16/topstory4.htm



Bacolod City. Arthur Carmelo (20) was stabbed on the chest by Michael Hechanova and died. A police Chief Inspector said Hechanova and two cousins ganged up on Carmelo after the victim complained about Hechanova's use of firecrackers. 7.3.2008

Source: "Man stabbed to death over firecrackers' use 1", 10.3.2008, http://www.visayandailystar.com/2008/March/10/police.htm



Bigaa village in Cabuyao town in Laguna province. Fire at a fireworks factory. No one was initially reported killed or injured, but the thick smoke and explosions scared residents living near the factory. 6.4.2008

Source: "Fire hits fireworks factory in Laguna", 6.4.2008, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/87947/Fire-hits-fireworks-factory-in-Laguna



Marikina. An accidental explosion from a stock of fireworks rocked Marikina and partially destroyed its Central Post Office. The blast was allegedly caused by a wayward firecracker that landed on a pile of firecrackers that were to have been used for the evening celebration of the Mayor's project honouring the oldest families in the city. 19.4.2008

Source: "Premature fireworks explosion rocks Marikina", 19.4.2008, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/metro/view/20080419-131442/UPDATE-Premature-fireworks-explosion-rocks-Marikina



Imus town in Cavite province. At least two people suffered minor injuries after a fire hit an illegally operating firecracker factory and storage area. A lightning hit a parked vehicle near the factory, the sparks reportedly flew to the firecrackers causing the blaze. 25.4.2008


"Lightning strikes Cavite fireworks factory", 2.5.2008, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view/20080502-134160/Lightning-strikes-Cavite-fireworks-factory

"2 hurt as fire hits firecracker factory in Cavite", 2.5.2008, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/92964/2-hurt-as-fire-hits-firecracker-factory-in-Cavite



Sampaloc village, municipality of San Rafael in Bulacan province. 25 people were injured when a fire, followed by a blast, razed five work areas owned by Dragon Fireworks Inc. Some P600,000 worth of properties were also damaged by the fire. - An accidental spark could have triggered the fire and explosion that damaged the fireworks factory. 13.6.2008


"Fire in fireworks factory hurts 4 in Bulacan", 13.6.2008, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/100983/Fire-in-fireworks-factory-hurts-4-in-Bulacan 

"6 hurt as blast hits fireworks factory in Bulacan", 13.6.2008, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/100987/6-hurt-as-fire-razes-fireworks-factory-in-Bulacan

"Fire, blast in Bulacan fireworks firm hurt 25 – report", 13.6.2008, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/101028/(Update)-Fire-blast-in-Bulacan-fireworks-firm-hurt-25---report



Toledo City. Six firecracker stalls located at a designated firecracker vending area were razed by fire shortly before lunch. – Initial investigation showed that an unidentified boy was playing with firecrackers near the stalls and one of the firecrackers he was throwing around fell inside one of the stall's, triggering a fire. 21.12.2008

Source: "Firecracker stalls in Toledo City burn", 22.12.2008, http://globalnation.inquirer.net/cebudailynews/news/view/20081222-179385/Firecracker-stalls-in-Toledo-City-burn



Leyte. A total of 18 firecracker stalls in Abuyog Public Marked were destroyed in a fire. Damages estimated at around P500,000. Authorities said the fire started from a lighted 'kwitis' that repetedly spread to dangerous illegal firecrackers hidden under the stalls. 25.12.2008

Source: "Fire guts 18 firecracker stores in Leyte town", 26.12.2008, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/12/26/08/fire-guts-18-firecracker-stores-leyte-town



Iloilo province. A woman (72) instructed her husband to fill a fountain firecracker with gun powder. The man did so and suddenly the pyrotechnics exploded, its fragments hitting the woman. She sustained 3rd-degree burns in her body.

Source: "72-year-old woman injured in firecracker blast", 26.12.2008, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/141174/72-year-old-woman-injured-in-firecracker-blast



The Department of Health said 119 cases of firecracker-related injuries were recorded from December 21 to 29, 2008, and has placed all public hospitals under 'Code White'. Six percent or about seven of the 119 firecracker victims needed amputation while 25 or 22 percent of the victims sustained eye injury.

Source: "DoH: 100 firecracker-related injuries", 29.12.2008, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/metro/view/20081229-180497/DoH-100-firecracker-related-injuries



Iloilo City. The city government will give financial assistance of P5,000 each to the 36 families whose houses were gutted by fire on December 30, 2008, in the boundary of barangays Tanza-Esperanza and Malipayon. One person (18) died and four others were injured in the fire that razed 23 houses in the slum area.

The five-hour fire started at a house that was hit by a rocket firework lit by their neighbor. The fire quickly spread to other houses. Damage: over P1.5 million.

Source: "Tanza fire victims to get financial aid", 5.1.2009, http://www.thenewstoday.info/2009/01/05/tanza.fire.victims.to.get.financial.aid.html



Barangay Bigaa, Virac. An 'atomic bomb' firecracker blew away most of the fingers on the right hand of a man (20), necessitating amputation of the affected part at the Eastern Bicol Medical Center on January 2, 2009. 31.12.2008

Source: "At least 3 injured in 'cracker blasts", 7.1.2009, http://www.catanduanestribune.com/Jan-07-2009/TopStory/Detail.aspx?newsID=5001



Cavinitan, Virac. A man (32) sustained a lacerated wound on the left foot from an exploding 'kwitis'. 31.12.2008

Source: "At least 3 injured in 'cracker blasts", 7.1.2009, http://www.catanduanestribune.com/Jan-07-2009/TopStory/Detail.aspx?newsID=5001



Metro Manila. Renato Quetolonia (19), who was believed to be drunk, had picked up a large firecracker that exploded on his face. He was brought to Tondo General Hospital where he died. 31.12.2008

Source: "2 dead, hundreds injured during New Year revelry", 2.1.2009, http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2009/jan/02/yehey/top_stories/20090102top2.html



Palta Salvacion. A girl (6) suffered second-degree burns form a 'Five Star' firecracker blast on her right leg. 31.12.2008

Source: "At least 3 injured in 'cracker blasts", 7.1.2009, http://www.catanduanestribune.com/Jan-07-2009/TopStory/Detail.aspx?newsID=5001



Vigan City. Frudencio Que, a businessman, died after the firecrackers he was selling were ignited and started a blaze that consumed his three-story commercial center at Quezon Avenue and spread to three more stores. Witnesses told that a drunken man lighted a firecracker near Que's store, the firecracker reportedly jumped to the firecrackers being sold in Que's store and started the blaze. 31.12.2008

Source: "Firecracker starts blaze in Vigan City; trader killed", 1.1.2009, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/01/01/09/firecracker-starts-blaze-vigan-city-trader-killed





Bataan. 18 suffered injuries from firecrackers during the New Year's Eve revelry from 11.30pm. of Dec. 31 to 12.30 early morning Jan. 1, 2007.

Source: "18 injured from firecrackers during New Year's Eve revelry in Bataan", 2.1.2007, http://news.balita.ph/html/article.php/20070102031822370



Las Piñas City. A fire destroyed the Mary Immaculate Parish more popularly known as 'Nature Church'. Initial investigation revealed that the fire started when a'kwitis' (firecracker) probably launched in the height of the New Year celebration, landed on the church. 1.1.2007

Source: "Fire destroys Las Piñas 'Nature Church'", 2.1.2007, http://uw.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=61180



Philippinen. Bei den traditionellen Neujahrsfeiern sind mehr als 900 Menschen durch Feuerwerkskörper oder Querschläger verletzt worden.

Quelle: "Feuerwerk verletzt fast 1000 Partygänger in Indonesien", 1.1.2007, http://www.20min.ch/tools/suchen/story/17027742



Barangay Turo, Bocaue, Bulacan. A powerful explosion rocked Barangay Turo, razing to the round two fireworks stalls. No one was hurt in the explosion that triggered a fire. 6.1.2007

Source: "Blast razes two fireworks stalls in Bulacan", 7.1.2007, http://news.balita.ph/html/article.php/20070107165846483



Duhat Village in Bocaue town, Bulacan province. Four firecracker warehouses were razed by fire. The fire broke out at the Eagle's Fireworks warehouse, located in the middle of a rice field. An explosion caused the blaze to spread to three other buildings. Initial investigation showed that the powerful blast was caused by a chemical reaction from a drenched stock of ammonium chlorate and sulphur powder at the factory. 2.8.2007


"Blaze razes firecracker warehouses in Bulacan", 2.8.2007, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view_article.php?article_id=80256 

"Chemicals explode near Bulacan town cracker factory", 2.8.2007, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/54055/Chemicals-explode-near-Bulacan-town-cracker-factory

"Chemical blast guts firecracker factory in Bocaue", 4.8.2007, http://www.tempo.com.ph/news.php?aid=32139



Dagupan. A worker (50) of an underground factory suffered second degree burns when his work place exploded in barangay Bacayao Norte. Investigations showed the man was mixing and pounding potassium nitrate when he accidentally dropped a cigarette butt into the substance. 2.11.2007

Source: "1 hurt as firecracker factory in Dagupan explodes", 3.11.2007, http://news.balita.ph/html/article.php/20071103175712396



Sitio Radar, Babag 2, Lapu-Lapu-City. One person had burns and abrasions in his right shoulder and head and two houses were damaged when firecrackers exploded. The man was passing by the area when the explosion occurred. 22.12.2007

Source: "Firecracker blast hurts passerby in Cebu", 23.12.2007, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view_article.php?article_id=108391



Barangay Paombong, Bocaue, Bulacan. Two pyrotechnic workers (27, 18) suffered second degree burns when a fire broke out in a house that was converted into a firecracker factory. They were doing their usual chores when a sparkler (lucis) accidentally lit up causing the firecrackers stored in the area to explode. 24.12.2007

Source: "Stray bullet claims 1st holiday victim; fire hits cracker factory", 27.12.2007, http://www.philstar.com/index.php?Headlines&p=49&type=2&sec=24&aid=2007122690



The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) recorded 100 injuries from firecrackers and pyrotechnics in various hospitals in Metro Manila and the provinces. Some of those injured were unfortunate as their fingers had to be cut off or had lost their eyesight or hearing in their frenzy to welcome Christmas. 24./25.12.2007


"Philippines: Patients injured by firecrackers fill Metro Manila hospitals", 25.12.2007, http://pacificnewscenter.com/default.asp?sourceid=&smenu=1&twindow=Default&mad=No&sdetail=17748&wpage=&skeyword=&sidate=&ccat=&ccatm=&restate=&restatus=&reoption=&retype=&repmin=&repmax=&rebed=&rebath=&subname=&pform=&sc=1718&hn=pacificnewscenter&he=.com

"22 hospitalized due to firecrackers", 26.12.2007, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/topofthehour.aspx?StoryId=103505



Bansalan town. Two "fountains" lit by unidentified persons nearly burned down the public market. Sparks from the "fountains" landed on firecrackers displayed by some vendors and started a fire. 27.12.2007

Source: "Stored firecrackers worsen fire in Davao Sur market", 31.12.2007, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view_article.php?article_id=109660



Compostela Valley province. A municipal councilor was rushed to a hospital after more than 300 pieces of firecrackers he purchased to celebrate the New Year accidentally exploded. The man lighted a cigarette near the stack of the firecrackers that allegedly caused the explosion. 27.12.2007

Source: "Town councilor injured as firecrackers explode", 29.12.2007, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=103758



Matanao, Davao del Sur. Firecrackers stored in some stalls inside the annex public market worsened the fire that hit the area. The 3.15 a.m. fire started from an unattended lighted candle inside one of the stores. The fire quickly spread when firecrackers stored in several stalls started to explode. At least 30 stalls were razed but no one was injured in the incident, which damaged about P5 million in properties and goods. 30.12.2007

Source: "Stored firecrackers worsen fire in Davao Sur market", 31.12.2007, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/regions/view_article.php?article_id=109660



Quiapo, Manila. Police arrested a man who injured two persons after he accidentally set off 50 sticks of 'kwitis', a type of firecracker. He was testing one of the firecrackers when sparks flew from the kwitis he was holding and set off the other firecrackers. 30.12.2007

Source: "Man nabbed over 'kwitis' accident", 31.12.2007, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/metro/view/20071231-109552/Man_nabbed_over_kwitis_accident



Tubigon town, Bohol province. 11 firecracker stalls and pyrotechnics worth P500,000 were destroyed by fire at the public market between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. The report said a customer with a cigarette accidentally lit firecrackers in a stall. No one was hurt in the incident. 30.12.2007


"Four missing in Bocaue firecracker blaze" (2nd Update), 31.12.2007, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/topofthehour.aspx?StoryId=104003 

"P500,000 worth of Bohol firecrackers up in smoke", 31.12.2007, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/topofthehour.aspx?StoryId=103989 

"Explosive end to 2007", 1.1.2008, http://www.philstar.com/index.php?Headlines&p=49&type=2&sec=24&aid=20071231160



Barangay Turo, Bocaue, Bulacan. Three men (a news van coordinator, a security guard and a fireworks salesman) were injured when 20 fireworks stalls were gutted after firecrackers exploded and destroyed an estimated P10 million/$484,000 worth of property. The victims suffered minor burns and lacerations. Four people were reported missing and have been presumed trapped in some of the firecracker stalls.

The fire started at around 10:30 a.m. at the Navarro Fireworks Store. An explosion rocked the fireworks stall and triggered the fire that immediately spread to adjacent stalls. Two cars and two motorcycles were also damaged by the blaze. The damaged stores were legally selling firecrackers. Investigators suspect the fire was accidentally lit by a cigarette or reckless testing of firecrackers in an alley of stalls. 31.12.2007


"Four missing in Bocaue firecracker blaze" (2nd Update), 31.12.2007, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/topofthehour.aspx?StoryId=104003 

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"Firecracker store explosion in Bocaue razes 10 stores, $484,000 property, merchandise burned", 31.12.2007, http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7009580251 

"BFP probes cause of Bocaue explosion", 31.12.2007, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/74710/BFP-probes-cause-of-Bocaue-explosion

"Explosive end to 2007", 1.1.2008, http://www.philstar.com/index.php?Headlines&p=49&type=2&sec=24&aid=20071231160



Iligan City. A fire of still unknown origin razed firecracker stalls on Roxas and Quezon Avenues about 5 p.m. There were no reported injuries. 31.12.2007

Source: "Fire razes firecracker stalls in Iligan City", 31.12.2007, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/74740/Fire-razes-firecracker-stalls-in-Iligan-City



Rosario town in Cavite province. At least 20 firecracker stalls and six other stores selling shoes of the public market were gutted during the one-hour blaze that started from a firecracker store inside the Rosario Public Market around 12:30 a.m. Mayor Nonong Ricafrente immediately implemented a ban on firecrackers after the incident. He also ordered authorities to confiscate all firecrackers being sold in town.

A witness told investigators that he saw a man throw a lighted cigarette butt in one of the firecracker stalls. This man, on the other hand, said the witness should be blamed for the fire because he allegedly lighted a piccolo firecracker and threw it in one of the stalls.

No one was seriously injured.

Damage was placed at $24,000 (1 million pesos). 31.12.2007


"Four missing in Bocaue firecracker blaze" (2nd Update), 31.12.2007, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/topofthehour.aspx?StoryId=104003 

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"Firecracker store explosion in Bocaue razes 10 stores, $484,000 property, merchandise burned", 31.12.2007, http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7009580251 

"Explosive end to 2007", 1.1.2008, http://www.philstar.com/index.php?Headlines&p=49&type=2&sec=24&aid=20071231160

"Man dead as fire destroys house in Lucena", 31.12.2007, http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/regions/view_article.php?article_id=109678: In Cavite, police arrested a man who allegedly started a 30-minute fire which razed several firecracker stalls and damaged a public market in Rosario town on December 31, 2007. The police chief of Rosario said they arrested the man (31) after an 8-year-old girl identified him as the one who threw a lighted cigarette at one of the stores selling firecrackers.



According to Department of Health (DOH) chief epidemiologist Eric Tayag, a 29-year-old male victim from Monumento, Caloocan City suffered "multiple injuries" in his body from the shrapnel's of the firecracker that exploded on the night of December 31, 2007. Records revealed that the victim started showing symptoms of tetanus last week until he suffered lockjaw over the weekend (5./6.1.2008). He was rushed to hospital where he died. The incident was the first case of firecracker-related tetanus recorded by the health department this Yuletide season.

Source: "Man dies of tetanus", 8.1.2008, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/man/2008/01/08/news/man.dies.of.tetanus.html



Philippines. A report from the National Epidemiology Center (NEC) revealed that a resident (55) of Bambang, Bulacan died of infection on January 8, 2008, at hospital. An unidentified firecracker that wounded (31.12.2007/1.1.2008) his right thumb brought about the infection.

Source: "Another firecracker blast victim dies", 12.1.2008, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/man/2008/01/12/news/another.firecracker.blast.victim.dies.html





Philippines. Two mentally ill men died after swallowing firecrackers as a way to welcome 2006 during the New Year's celebrations.

Source: "Men eat fireworks, die", 2.1.2006, http://www.aversion.com/news/news_article.cfm?news_id=5692

Philippinen. Zwei psychisch kranke Männer, die Feuerwerkskörper geschluckt hatten, starben. Quelle: "Die Welt begrüsst das Neue Jahr", 2.1.2006, http://www.faz.net/s/RubCD175863466D41BB9A6A93D460B81174/Doc~EF098FD280DD4480A93C9CEA494324B8E~ATpl~Ecommon~Sspezial.html


Department of Health (DoH): Two people were killed and 582 others were injured by firecrackers in New Year celebrations across the nation from Dec. 21 to Jan. 1 (a 6% increase to 2004). The two fatalities were reportedly both mentally disturbed adult males (33 and 26) who swallowed watusi, a popular firecracker.

Health Secretary Duque III attributed the increase to the use of new but eyually dangerous innovations, exposure to toxic fumes, the influx of cheaper, China-made firecrackers and nonadherence to safe handling measures.

Doh records show that

1279 firecracker related cases occurred in 2000

629 in 2001

530 in 2002

590 in 2003

548 in 2004 and

582 in 2005.

Source: "DoH: 'Cracker injuries up slightly'", 2.1.2006, http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=news02_jan02_2006 



Bangued, Abra. At least 15 fireworks related injuries (including a 5 year-old boy) were monitored by the Department of Health – Center for Health Development (DOH-CHD) from December 21, 2005 to January 4, 2006. Majority (12) of the cases were injured while holding or firing firecrackers, while three were injured while passing in the streets.

Source: "Firecracker-related injuries in Abra decrease by 34%", 9.1.2006, http://www.pia.gov.ph/news.asp?fi=p060109.htm&no=20



Lingayen, Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center. Four athletes (16/14/14) sustained minor injuries from firecracker explosion during the opening ceremonies of the Ilocos Region Athletics Association. The victims were all given anti-tetanus shots. A child reportedly went near the area where the firecrackers were and lighted some of those left. Instead of flying up, two or three baby rockets flew sideways to where the athletes were standing. 20.3.2006

Source: "4 hurt in fireworks accident during athletic meet", 21.3.2006, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2006/03/21/4.hurt.in.fireworks.accident.during.athletic.meet.html



Bocaue. Explosion in a pyrotechnics warehouse in Barangay Bunlo. The blast was probably triggered by a chemical reaction on the stockpiles of unsold fireworks devices stored inside the warehouse, said the police. Damage to properties was estimated at P50,000.00. 28.3.2006

Source: "Pyrotechnics warehouse explodes in Bocaue", 29.3.2006, http://news.balita.ph/html/article.php?story=20060329124342911&query=firecracker



Barangay Baba, Lapu-Lapu City. A drum full of firecracker powder in a firecracker factory exploded, burning a female worker to death. 2.5.2006 

Source: "Drum of powder explodes: 1 dead", 3.5.2006, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2006/05/03/drum.of.powder.explodes.1.dead.html



Binangonan town (about 30 km southeast of Manila). An explosion rocked a fireworks storage building, sparking a massive fire and injuring at least nine people including one critically. The explosion triggered a fire that gutted the warehouse, the owner's house and his two stores. 13.6.2006

Source: "Nine injured in explosion at fireworks warehouse in Philippine town", 13.6.2006, http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/international/news/20060613p2g00m0in032000c.html



Shariff Aguak town, Maguindanao province. A powerful car bomb exploded in a busy public market as a convoy carrying a provincial governor was passing by, killing five people and injuring ten others (two children included) seriously. The bomb was placed in or under a parked minibus loaded with fireworks near the market. 23.6.2006


"Car bomb kills five in Mindanao market”, 23.6.2006, http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=news01_june24_2006

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Barangay Pampang, Angeles City. A fire, sparked by a series of strong explosions gutted a house manufacturing illegal firecrackers and immediately spread to the adjacent houses. Five residential houses were totally destroyed while three others were partially damaged. Two persons, including a boy (1½), were injured.

One of the workers told police investigators that the fire started while one of his colleagues tried to compress the contents of a fountain he was making. 12.10.2006


"9 hurt in firecracker blast", 13.10.2006, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2006/10/13/9.hurt.in.firecracker.blast.html

"2 persons hurt in firecracker explosion in Angeles City", 12.10.2006, http://news.balita.ph/html/article.php/20061012182337078



Hinigaran town. Morito Manong (34) was killed in a blast at a pyrotechnic factory in San Manuel, Barangay 1, Hinigaran town. The owner of the establishment sustined third degree burns on his back and hands. 24.11.2006


"Worker killed in firecrackers blast", 25.11.2006, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/bac/2006/11/25/news/worker.killed.in.firecrackers.blast.html

"Pyrotechnics factory blows up, one killed", 25.11.2006, http://www.visayandailystar.com/2006/November/25/index.htm



Barangay San Jose. Leah Mesa and Roberto Acudile were killed instantly after a hut used for making firecrackers in Arevalo district caught fire causing a huge explosion. The explosion caused fire and totally razed five huts used for making pyrotechnics. A nearby house was partly burned. 4.12.2006

Source: "2 dead as hut full of firecrackers materials catches fire", 6.12.2006, http://www.thenewstoday.info/2006/12/06/2.dead.as.hut.full.of.firecracker.materials.catches.fire.html



Cebu City. A fire reportedly caused by a firecracker razed at least 20 houses on Cabantan St., Sitio San Roque, Barngay Luz, Cebu City. Three people, including two firefighters, suffered minor injuries in the blaze. Damage to property was estimated at P280,000. 10.12.2006

Source: "3 injured; lack of access road hampers firefighters", 12.12.2006, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/ceb/2006/12/12/news/3.injured.lack.of.access.road.hampers.firefighters.html



Ormoc City. At least 24 people, including a pregnant woman, her 4-year-old boy and two babies, were killed after illegally sold firecrackers inside a department store caught fire on Christmas Day. 15 people were injured in the fire; two of them were in a critical condition.

The pyrotechnics near the entrance in the one-storey building sent a shower of sparks and flames up to the store's ceiling. From there, the blaze spread quickly to plastic wares.

Police said people who were near the entrance managed to escape but others were forced to flee deeper into the store and into the toilets, where 23 charred remains were found. Another person died of their injuries overnight, bringing the death toll to 24. The victims included customers, vendors and store employees.

Initial accounts that the store's only fire exit was locked were confirmed, when investigators found the emergency exit's door, its padlock still fastened.

Damage to property: P1.5 million.

The store did not have a permit to sell firecrackers. 25.12.2006


"Firecracker blaze kills 24 in Ormoc City", 26.12.2006, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=60551

"Blamed on illegally sold bangers. Fire sweeps through department store killing 24 in Philippines", 26.12.2006, http://www.eitb24.com/portal/eitb24/noticia/en/life/blamed-on-illegally-sold-bangers-fire-sweeps-through-department-s?itemId=B24_27008&cl=%2Feitb24%2Fsociedad&idioma=en 

"Illegal fireworks spark fatal store blaze", 26.12.2006, http://breakingnews.iol.ie/news/story.asp?j=236940875&p=z3694y69x 

"26 killed in Ormoc fire", 27.12.2006, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2006/12/27/26.killed.in.ormoc.fire.html

"Ormoc store owner charged over Christmas Day fire", 29.12.2006, http://www.mb.com.ph/MTNN2006122983404.html: Investigators said a pile of firecrackers for sale inside the one-story store ignited near the entrance. Police have filed a complaint against the owner, for the illegal manufacture and sale of firecrackers. Another woman died of her injuries Dec. 28, bringing the death toll from the blaze to 25. The woman's 3-year-old son remained in a critical condition.

"Death toll rises to 27", 29.12.2006, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/ceb/2006/12/29/news/death.toll.rises.to.27.nbi.sets.raps.v..unitop.managers.html: Maria Teresa Tarayo, 33, died at 4.15.am. Dec. 28, inside a hospital's intensive care unit, bringing to 27 the death toll from the fire.

"Ormoc girl recounts escape from inferno", 30.12.2006, http://www.philstar.com/philstar/News200612300404.htm: Reports showed that a boy lit a piccolo firecracker, which landed on a pile of firecrackers being sold there.

Ormoc City. 24 Menschen kamen ums Leben, als in einem Geschäft illegal gelagerte Feuerwerkskörper explodierten und einen Grossbrand auslösten. Unter den Toten waren auch eine schwangere Frau, ihr vierjähriger Sohn sowie zwei Babys. 15 Menschen wurden verletzt; bei zwei von ihnen besteht Lebensgefahr. Die Feuerwerkskörper detonierten in der Nähe des Eingangs. Viele Verkäufer und Kunden wurden von den Flammen eingeschlossen und kamen nicht mehr ins Freie. Der Notausgang war verschlossen. Das einstöckige Kaufhaus brannte bis auf die Grundmauern nieder.

Der Brand wurde, laut Polizeichef, durch einen Kunden ausgelöste, der ein Spielzeuggewehr testen wollte und dabei versehentlich einen Stapel Feuerwerkskörper an einem Stand am Eingang des Warenhauses anzündete. Das Kaufhaus hatte laut Polizei keine Genehmigung, Feuerwerkskörper zu verkaufen. 

Ein paar Tage später erhöhte sich die Zahl der Toten auf 27. 25.12.2006


"Tote bei Kaufhaus-Brand auf den Philippinen", 26.12.2006, http://www.netzeitung.de/vermischtes/482491.html 

"24 Tote bei Brand in Kaufhaus auf den Philippinen. Illegal Feuerwerkskörper gelagert", 26.12.2006, http://www.nzz.ch/2006/12/26/vm/newzzEW5ZT2XJ-12.html

"Mehrere Tote durch Feuerwerksbrände", 26.12.2006, http://www.handelsblatt.com/news/Journal/Vermischtes/_pv/_p/204493/_t/ft/_b/1196073/default.aspx/mehrere-tote-durch-feuerwerksbraende.html


Brgy. Tagda, Hinigaran. Two more firecracker and pyrotechnics factories blew up.

A fire started at one factory and quickly spread to the adjacent one. This led to the explosion of pyrotechnics and firecrackers being manufactured. Damage: P180,000.

The fire was triggered by a spark from potassium chlorate, and this triggered the fire, said Hinigaran police chief. 26.12.2006 

Source: "Firecracker factories go up in flames", 27.12.2006, http://www.visayandailystar.com/2006/December/27/topstory3.htm



Caloocan City. A boy (6) was declared in critical condition at Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center in Sta. Cruz, Manila, after swallowing poisonous 'watusi' (dancing firecracker).

Another boy (2) was rushed to the same hospital after his lips were burned by 'lucis'.

Source: "Boy critical after swallowing 'watusi'", 27.12.2006, http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=60773



La Trinidad. A firecracker explosion left two wounded. The blast occurred at a marketplace. 28.12.2006

Source: "Firecracker blast in northern Philippines raises fear before President's visit", 2.1.2007, http://english.people.com.cn/200612/28/eng20061228_336598.html



Barangay Bacayao Norte. Melanio Orit (29), a firecracker worker, was killed, when the underground firecracker factory located in the house of Orit's father-in-law, in a busy neighborhood, exploded. The house was completely gutted. Injured were a woman (41), her son (4) and her daughter (5 months), among the occupants of the second house, that was partly gutted. 30.12.2006

Source: "1 killed, 3 hurt in firecracker explosion in Dagupan", 30.12.2006, http://news.balita.ph/html/article.php/20061230102624704



Cabanatuan City, Province of Nueva Ecija. The chief of the city fire department said the fire that partially destroyed the Public Market could have been caused by a skyrocket that went wayward when tested by either the vendor or a buyer, landing on a pile of firecrackers causing a huge explosion. A bakery and a drug store across the street from the market were also destroyed when the flames leaped to that side. Damage US$632,112. 30.12.2006


"Cabanatuan market fire blamed on firecrackers", No 151, January 1-15,2007, http://www2.mozcom.com/~ecijano/01152007.html

"Bulacan minors still work in firecracker factories – report", 16.10.2007, http://www.gmanews.tv/story/64620/Bulacan-minors-still-work-in-firecracker-factories---report

Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabanatuan_City and




Paete, Laguna. A fire reportedly triggered by firecrackers and fireworks killed Antonio Benito after it razed to the ground an apartment building. 31.12.2006

Source: "Fire kills one in Laguna", 2.1.2007, http://uw.abs-cbnnews.com/storypage.aspx?StoryId=61193





Eastern Metro Manila. One death, which was due to a "mishandled" firecracker. 2.1.2005

Source: http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2005/jan/02/yehey/top_stories/20050102top2.html



Philippinen. Last year there were 21 deaths and 1'200 injuries, mostly because of firecrackers, from the first week of December 2003 until January 1 2004, police said. 1.1.2005




LapuLapu City. An errant cigarette butt sparked a huge explosion in a small house that doubled as a clandestine fireworks factory Tuesday night, Oct. 11. Jay-R Bontilao (2) was killed on the spot while his cousin Mary Kris Berdon (20) died five hours later at a hospital in Cebu City. Bontilao's parents as well as a neighbor are in the same hospital with varying degrees of serious injuries and burns. The explosion ripped the house of the Bontilao couple in sitio Radar, barangay Babag II while Mary Kris was busy packing firecrackers. 11.10.2005

Source: http://www.philstar.com/philstar/Freeman200510131801.htm



Barangay Tara. To start off an early purok Christmas party, someone lit several big triangle firecrackers, but two of the explosives landed and exploded on a six-month pregnant young housewife's right breast burning her shoulder and right arm. The explosion, which injured the woman's arm and burned her hair, also hit her four-year-old son. 5.12.2005

Source: "Pregnant housewife, son injured in firecracker blast", 8.12.2005, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/dum/2005/12/08/news/pregnant.housewife.son.injured.in.firecracker.blast.html



Dumaguete City. One male and five female students got burned at the culmination night of Foundation University's Kasadya-an Festival when one of the lighted sky rocket pyrotechnics or kwitis for the fireworks display tilted and shot out toward a crowd of revelers in front of the education building and burned the six victims. 24.12.2005

Source: "Fireworks display injures 6", 25.12.2005, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/dum/2005/12/25/news/fireworks.display.injures.6.html



Olonpago/Northern Philippines. A wayward firecracker hit a pile of other fireworks at a stall during a festival, setting off loud explosions and triggering a stampede that injured 13 people. The building where the firecracker stalls were located was slightly damaged by the fire. 30.12.2005

Source: "13 hurt after firecracker causes stampede in Philippine city", 30.12.2005, http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2005/12/30/world/20051230210842&sec=world





Philippines. At least 500 people were hurt by exploding firecrackers. 1.1.2004

Source: http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/MAN150694.htm



Baliuag, Bulacan. A fireworks warehouse was razed to ground at around 3:30 a.m., killing George Alamil (35), laborer. 5.3.2004


"Philippines: Baliuag fireworks warehouse razed, one killed", 5.3.2004, http://www.asianlabour.org/archives/001125.php

"Baliuag fireworks warehouse razed", 5.3.2004, http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2004/mar/05/yehey/prov/20040305pro8.html



Barangay Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Maria Teresa (2) and her brother Mar John Alcantara (1) were killed when firecrackers exploded in a home factory. Reports said that the blast occurred when the two children sneaked inside the restricted manufacturing shanty factory and played with the chemicals and finished pyrotechnic products, while the factory workers were taking a break at that time. Damage: about P80,000. 9.9.2004

Source: http://news.inq7.net/metro/index.php?index=1&story_id=9983



Barangay Babag, Lapu-Lapu City. A boy (9) died, while his younger brother (6) is in critical condition after the firecracker they were making exploded inside their house. Their mother, who was farthest from the blast, suffered burns on the legs and feet. Restituto Tangayan Jr., who was severely burned, died the day after around 3am. 10.12.2004

Source: "Firecracker blast kills boy, 9", 12.12.2004, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/ceb/2004/12/12/news/firecracker.blast.kills.boy.9.html



Barangay Turo in Bocaue town in Bulacan province. Seven people were killed and dozens of houses and stores destroyed after a fire broke out along a strip of stalls selling firecrackers. Five of those who died were identified as Dindo Vicente (18), Mary Jane Okoy (16), Mark Stephen Okoy (12), Marcel Okoy III (11) and Mark Kevin Okoy (9). They were sleeping when the fire struck their homes, located at the back of a row of firecracker stores along F. Aleli Avenue, around 6 a.m. Six people were injured and four other people remained missing and were feared dead. 

The fire started when a man lit a firecracker, which flew into the air, then hit a stack of powerful firecrackers in one store, triggering the inferno. The blaze set off large quantities of firecrackers stored in houses and stores, blowing away walls and tin roofs. Two cars and two motorcycle taxis were destroyed. At least 20 stalls were razed by the fire. 1000 houses were burned down. The row of stores stretch one kilometre long. 

Bocaue Mayor Serafin dela Cruz said he would push through a plan to establish a firecracker-manufacturing zone located far from residential areas in his town. 31.12.2004


"7 die, firecracker stalls razed in Bocaue fire", 1.1.2005, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2005/01/01/7.die.firecracker.stalls.razed.in.bocaue.fire.html

"7 dead as fire razes firecracker stalls in Bocaue" 31.12.2004, http://news.inq7.net/top/index.php?index=1&story_id=22870

"7 die, firecracker stalls razed in Bocaue fire", 1.1.2005, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2005/01/01/7.die.firecracker.stalls.razed.in.bocaue.fire.html

"8 killed as blast starts fire in Bocaue fireworks stores", 2.1.2005, http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2005/jan/02/yehey/prov/20050102pro1.html: The explosion started at King Kenneth Fireworks store and set off a series of explosions that killed at least eight people and destroyed some P20 million in property. Investigation disclosed that an unidentified teenage-buyer tested a bombshell that exploded inside a store and caused a series of explosions gutting at least 20 stores.





Dagupan City. Four members of a family were injured and one died after firecrackers being manufactured inside their house exploded. The father suffered burns at his feet while his wife and three children (4, 3, 2) all suffered third degree burns. His son Alexander Jr. (3) and his daughter Andrea (4) died at the hospital the following day. 21.10.2003


"Firecracker blast kills 1, injures 4", 23.10.2003, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/pan/2003/10/23/news/firecracker.blast.kills.1.injures.4.html

"Only 3 establishments have pyrotechnics permit", 26.11.2003, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/pan/2003/11/26/news/only.3.establishments.have.pyrotechnics.permit.html



Quezon City. A store selling firecrackers exploded at 10:20 a.m. on Christmas Day. No one was reported injured, but damages to nearby shops, including a McDonalds branch near the corner of Road 1 and Visayas Avenue, were pegged at around 40'000 pesos. Witnesses told investigators that the explosion was triggered by a thrown cigarette butt that landed in the pile of firecrackers on display. 25.12.2003

Source: "Firecracker victims getting younger, says health dep't", 26.12.2003, http://www.inq7.net/met/2003/dec/27/text/met_1-1-p.htm



The Department of Health reported that the number of firecracker victims has surged, with at least 70 victims being admitted to hospitals around the country on December 24 and 25.

In 2003, there had been 503 cases of fireworks injuries. The figures were higher in 2001, with 594 cases.


"Firecracker victims getting younger, says health dep't", 26.12.2003, http://www.inq7.net/met/2003/dec/27/text/met_1-1-p.htm



Manila. According to the Department of Health report covering the period from Dec. 21-29, 145 cases have been tallied nationwide. Of  the 145 cases, 134 were directly injured by exploding firecrackers, a 51% rise compared to the same period last year.

Youngest victim: 10-month-old infant. Oldest victim: 89 years old. 29.12.2003

Source: http://interestalert.com/brand/siteia.shtml?Story=st/sn/12290000aaa03221.upi&Sys=siteia&Fid=WORLDNEW&Type=News&Filter=World



Lucena City. At least 18 people were killed at a public market when a firecracker vendor set off a massive blaze by testing his wares too close to his storeroom. Panicked people rushed inside the market, where they became trapped as the flames got out of control. The death toll may rise as 22 people were missing. 31.12.2003


15 dead, 22 missing in market blaze, 1.1.2004, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2004/01/01/15.dead.22.missing.in.market.blaze.html

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Lucena City. Bei einem durch Feuerwerkskörper ausgelösten Brand in einem Markt wurden 18 Menschen getötet. 22 Menschen wurden noch vermisst. 31.12.2003


"Feuerwerkskörper – Immer wieder Katastrophen", http://www.lfv.stmk.at/artikel_details.asp?id=2005 

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Sitio Bagong Pag-Asa, Barangay Taal. At least five people were injured after an explosion triggered a fire at a fireworks factory. Investigators said a factory worker was filling a rocket with fireworks ingredients when it sparked and triggered a powerful explosion, which erupted into a fire. The blaze wiped out the entire factory and damaged a nearby apartment 30 meters away. 24.11.2002

Source: http://www.manilastandardonline.com/mnlastd/?page=police02_nov25_2002



Tacurong (auf der Insel Mindanao). Ein unbekannter Täter warf eine Handgranate in einen Marktstand mit Feuerwerkskörpern. Bei der Explosion der Granate und der nachfolgenden Explosion der Feuerwerkskörper starben mindestens sechs Menschen, über 30 Personen wurden verletzt. 31.12.2002


"Tote und Verletzte bei Anschlag auf Markt auf den Philippinen", 31.12.2002, http://www.nzz.ch/2002/12/31/al/newzzDAE4HCL4-12.html;jsessionid=440F67DD66050FEB85BD131AD0C91A18

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A total of 243 were reported wounded nationwide, mostly in firecracker explosions, Health Department officials said. 1.1.2001

Source: "Over 240 Filipinos wounded in New Year revelry", 1.1.2001, http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/english/200101/01/eng20010101_59350.html





Manila. One unidentified woman died of poisoning from ingesting firecrackers, while a five-year-old child was killed by a firecracker blast.

Since the Department of Health started to a monitoring centre on December 21, 1999, 796 people suffered various firecracker-related injuries.

Source: "16 die in Philippine celebrations", 1.1.2000, http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=3&art_id=qw946724940632P415





During the new year celebrations in 1999, more than 300 people were injured in firecracker explosions.

Source: "Over 240 Filipinos wounded in New Year revelry", 1.1.2001, http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/english/200101/01/eng20010101_59350.html





Manila. Police stations reported 245 incidents involving firecracker blasts, shootings and stabbings since Wednesday evening. The youngest victim was a two-year old boy who was in critical condition after being hit in the stomach by a firecracker, Health Secretary Carmencita Reodica said, adding 12 people had required limbs to be amputated. In central Negros province, a 21-year old lost his right eye after a firecracker blew up in his face. At Manila airport, several international flights were delayed on Dec 31 night, after pyrotechnics were thrown near the runway in thick smog. A church in central city of Tacloban was destroyed by fire after firecrackers were set off inside. 31.12.1997/1.1.1998

Source: "People killed and injured in Philippine New Year's celebrations", 1.1.1998, http://www.emergency.com/manila98.htm 



Bocaue, Bulacan. Three children were killed in an explosion which destroyed a factory of pyrotechnic materials in Barangay Bunlo. Four others were seriously injured. The fatalities were infants brought to the factory by their parents who were employed but could not find baby sitters for the children. The victims were wrapping the pyrotechnic materials when a finished product being tested by a bystander exploded.

Source: "3 dead in Bulacan fireworks fireworks factory blast", 21.12.1998, http://www.newsflash.org/199812/ht/ht000622.htm





Bocaue. A fireworks seller was killed while his wife and three young children were seriously injured when the family's stock of pyrotechnics exploded. 11.11.1997

Source: "3 dead in Bulacan 'cracker explosion, 12.11.1997, http://www.newsflash.org/199711/ht/ht000087.htm





A fire caused by exploding firecrackers gutted the Ororama Superstore in J.R. Borja Street killing 14 of its workers. Damage: between P200 to P700 million. The fire at Ororama Superstore started as store workers were laying out Christmas light near a stockpile of firecrackers inside the warehouse. A witness said he saw sparks from the Christmas lights fell into the stockpile of firecrackers; an explosion followed. 26.9.1995

Source: "Explosion heard before fire engulfs Ororama", 29.10.2008, http://www.sunstar.com.ph/static/net/2008/10/29/explosion.heard.before.fire.engulfs.ororama.html





Philippinen. Silvesternacht: Ein Junge (10), der von einem grossen Knallkörper im Genick getroffen wurde, starb. 31.12.1991

Quelle: "Viel Knallerei und viele Verletzte. In Italien wurde ein Kind getötet", 2.1.1992, http://www.nachrichten.at/archiv?query=-shlyc:client/ooenalt/ooen/j1992/q1/m01/t02/s005/016_001.dcs&ausgabe=OOEN&datum=02.01.1992&seite=005&set=2





Near Manila. Incident/Ereignis: Illegal Fireworks factory, explosion / 16.12.1988

Quelle: Liste "Explosion" von "The British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS)", http://www.basedn.freeserve.co.uk/explosion.htm



Bocaue. A cracker factory exploded, killing 12 and wounding 23. It leveled five houses and tore down the roofs and walls of 10 other houses. 30.12.1988

Source: "RP pyrotechnics: Tradition of talent, spectacle, brilliance", 29.12.2002, http://www.manilatimes.net/others/special/2002/dec/29/20021229spe1.html





Bocaue. Incident/Ereignis: Illegal Fireworks factory, explosion / 5.4.1986

Quelle: Liste "Explosion" von "The British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS)", http://www.basedn.freeserve.co.uk/explosion.htm





Meycauayan, Bulacan. 26 people were killed in a fire, which started in a fireworks factory. 1966

Source: "RP pyrotechnics: Tradition of talent, spectacle, brilliance", 29.12.2002, http://www.manilatimes.net/others/special/2002/dec/29/20021229spe1.html